8 Common Thermostat Problems And Mistakes That Affect Your Air Conditioning & Heating

Lately, you’ve been having some problems with your home’s temperature. You may have noticed your furnace has stopped producing hot air, or your AC isn’t distributing cold air anymore.

You’re not sure, though, whether the heating and cooling system is really at fault… or maybe there’s an issue with your thermostat instead.

Before you request Toronto furnace repair or AC repair services, check for these 8 common thermostat problems. They may provide a simple solution. If not, then the issue most probably stems from your furnace or air conditioner, and you’ll need a reliable technician to take care of it.

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1. Thermostat Doesn’t Reach Correct Temperature

When your AC or furnace isn’t giving you the desired degree of home comfort, make sure your thermostat is set at the correct number (the best temperature in summer is 25.5 degrees C and 20-22 degrees in winter), and that no one has adjusted it. Also, rather than just cranking the thermostat up, ensure that it’s turned to COOL or HEAT, as appropriate, and not to FAN — or worse yet, OFF.

2. HVAC Systems Keep Running

Your thermostat should signal the furnace or air conditioner to switch off when it reaches the set temperature. If your AC system just keeps on running, the problem could be a faulty thermostat. Compare the actual room temperature with the set point. If there’s a significant difference (and the heating or cooling has been on for a while), you might need a thermostat replacement.

3. Old Thermostat

Most thermostats have a useful life of about 10 years. As they reach the upper limit of their lifespan, they tend to decline slowly. This can be hard to spot if the thermostat still seems to be working… at least somewhat. However, trust your sense that something is slightly “off”; ask a reliable HVAC pro to inspect the thermostat and see whether it’s due to be replaced.

4. High Energy Bills

When your energy bills suddenly jump much higher than usual, your thermostat could be the guilty party. An inefficient or broken thermostat will decrease the energy efficiency of your whole heating and cooling system, most often by misreading the current room temperature. It can then force the system to overwork, gobbling up a huge amount of power in the process. A new thermostat might be the solution here.

5. Placement Of Thermostat Is Wrong

Sometimes a thermostat’s reading of the ambient temperature will be affected not by any internal problem but just incorrect placement. To ensure peak performance, have your thermostat mounted approximately 150 cm above the floor, away from drafts, sunny windows, and any other sources of intense heat or cold.

6. Dirt And Debris Buildup

Your thermostat is a sensitive tool, which can be affected by a buildup of dirt, dust, pet hair, and other gunk. Open the thermostat case, gently brush it clean of any debris, and pay special attention to clearing off the contacts. This is an important task to remember before turning on your air conditioner in the summer.

7. Thermostat Needs New Batteries

Today’s digital thermostats are generally hardwired to your home electrical system. However, some thermostats still use batteries as either their main power source or a backup. If your battery-powered thermostat starts giving you trouble, try changing the batteries for a simple, effective solution.

8. DIY Install & Wiring

DIY can be a lot of fun. It might even save you money… when you tackle easy projects like painting a room. However, unless you are very experienced at working with electricity, thermostat installation and wiring is a job best left to the experts. Loose connections or other DIY-related problems can wreak havoc with your thermostat… and potentially, the rest of your house’s wiring.

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