14 Feb 2022
Couple renovating kitchen - How to Prevent Damage to Your HVAC During Construction and Renovation

How to Prevent Damage to Your HVAC During a Renovation

Your furnace is the last thing you’re thinking about during a renovation – but it should be one of the first. There are steps you should take to prevent damage to your HVAC system that could lead to costly repairs.

27 Mar 2019

Husky’s Perfect Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is in the air (and on the calendar), and that means that there’s work to be done. But with our spring home maintenance checklist, you can prepare for spring efficiently, giving you plenty of time to enjoy everything this season has to offer.

21 Feb 2017
save on electricity using peak hours

10 Easy Ways to Save on Electricity

By following these 10 easy tips, you can really save on your electricity bill. Many of these tips don’t cost anything – you just need to change your habits.

Save Up To $10,000 on Heat Pumps!