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27 Mar 2019

Husky’s Perfect Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring is in the air (and on the calendar), and that means that there’s work to be done. But with our spring home maintenance checklist, you can prepare for spring efficiently, giving you plenty of time to enjoy everything this season has to offer.

13 Feb 2019

We’ve Won the 2019 Top Choice and HomeStars Awards!

Husky has received the Top Choice and HomeStars Best of awards for 2019. We’re extremely excited, and extremely grateful to all our customers who took the time to write a review, nominate, and vote for us to be recognized this way.

31 Jan 2019

Why is My Furnace So Loud?

When your furnace becomes so loud you can’t hear yourself think, those noises are trying to tell you that something is wrong. The real question is: what problems are causing the sounds?

24 Oct 2018

Is Having Low Humidity in Your House Bad?

Many people are aware that high humidity can be a problem, mostly because of how uncomfortable it can make you feel. Low humidity can be an equal uncomfortable problem. Here are some of the effects of low humidity in your house, along with a surefire solution to stop dry air in its tracks.

Your heating and cooling system will stay efficient and last a long time with the proper care. Without regular maintenance, it could start to let you down.
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