GTA has one of the highest humidity levels in all of Ontario, which means we need to take extra steps to control for humidity in our homes. Luckily there are simple ways to reduce humidity making your home more comfortable and use your air conditioner less as a bonus.

Stop Humidity From Building Up

Fix leaky pipes and dripping faucets, and install foam pipe insulation on pipes that sweat. Also check your roof for leaks. Don’t forget to always use the exhaust fans for a few minutes after showering or cooking and lower the temperature of your showers.

Inspect that your clothes dryer and other appliances are vented outdoors, not into or under the house. Do not hang your clothes indoors to dry except in a warm, well ventilated room. Don’t overwater your houseplants and try moving them all into one well-ventilated area.

Clean your gutters often and make sure that your downspouts extend at least six feet from the house. You’ll significantly lower humidity in the house and protect your basement as well.

Upgrade Your Home for Moisture Control

But if pre-emptive actions don’t get your indoor humidity under control, it’s likely your home has too little airflow. Try installing trickle vents above your windows to eliminate minor humidity and window condensation problems. Improving your attic ventilation can also help by minimizing the amount of moisture that seeps in from this space. For more extensive humidity and air quality problems, consider investing in a whole-house ventilation system. These use a system of motorized fans and ducts to exhaust humid, stale indoor air and replace it with fresh outdoor air.

A whole-house dehumidifier may be the most effective solution when better ventilation just isn’t enough. A whole-house dehumidifier fits inside your heating and cooling system’s air handler and removes moisture from the air passing through. The dry air is in turn sent to your rooms and the moisture removed runs into your home’s plumbing system or outdoors. That means greater control over your indoor humidity!

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