If you suspect you may have a humidity problem or a dry air problem, Lennox can be a great choice. But you don’t need to make the decision alone.

Lennox Premier DealerSave time by talking to one of our indoor air quality experts at Husky. With a relaxed, friendly approach, your Husky consultant will make sure that you get all the facts you need to make a good decision for your home. If you choose Lennox equipment as part of your solution, you’ll be able to relax knowing the job is done right. As a Lennox Premier Dealer, the technicians at Husky get training that most companies don’t receive.

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Humidity and Your Home

Water Droplets

It’s important to maintain the right level of humidity for your home – around 45%. If humidity gets too high, you create the ideal breeding ground for mold, mildew and dust mites.

If your air gets too dry, however, you risk sore throats, dry skin and air, and even allergy and asthma attacks if you’re susceptible to them.

Dry air can also be damaging to wood flooring and furnishings. In fact, many hardwood flooring specialists won’t provide a warranty unless you keep your home’s humidity within acceptable limits. Seasonal humidity levels can also cause cracking in paint and drywall, leading to unnecessary
extra work.



5 Stars“We were very satisfied with the work done by the Husky technician. He was very knowledgeable and thorough. He removed his shoes and cleaned up the work area. We would certainly recommend Husky to our friends.”

– Ruth Broderick, Vaughan, November 2017

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Our Lennox Humidifiers

In most Toronto homes, the problem tends to be dry winter air, thanks to our furnaces. A humidifier will help replace moisture lost in the combustion process, and will even help you feel warmer at a lower temperature – which means you save money on energy too!

Depending on how dry your air tends to be, your Husky representative may recommend a model with more or less power.

Healthy Climate® Power Humidifier

Lennox Healthy Climate Power HumidifierWith up to 18 gallons/day (68.1 litres) of moisture provided to your home, this is a popular solution for very dry homes or larger homes.

  • Unlike some cheap portable models, there is no ozone produced to harm your lungs.
  • Works with most forced-air heating systems.
  • A built in fan keeps the moist air flowing.
  • Minimal maintenance – no daily refills or cleaning like with portable units.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components.

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Lennox Dehumidifiers

If you have a large family, that means more people taking showers and a lot more cooking going on. Even if you invest in good ventilation fans, you may still end up with too much humidity in areas like bathrooms and kitchens. The dehumidification provided by your air conditioner in summer and furnace in winter may not be able to keep up.

Lennox Humiditrol HumidifierHumiditrol® Whole-Home Dehumidifier System

  • Removes up to 150 litres of moisture every day.
  • No ozone emissions to irritate lungs.
  • Optimized for use with Lennox air conditioners and heat pumps.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components.

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Lennox Healthy Climate Whole Home Dehumidifier

Healthy Climate® Whole-Home Dehumidifiers

  • Three sizes available.
  • Zoning system compatible.
  • EnergyStar rated.
  • Ozone-emission free.
  • Uses eco-friendly R-410A refrigerant    .
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components.

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We’ll Make Sure You Get the Right Solution to Your Humidity Control Needs

For over 40 years the team at Husky has been striving to provide the kind of advanced products, technical expertise and old fashioned service that you deserve. Many of our customers think we deliver.

Our approach? We listen to what you need, understand your home, and then recommend the products we think will work best. And then we leave it up to you. There’s no pressure, no hassles, just solid facts presented in terms everyone can understand.

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