family-sitting-together-smilingNow that winter is officially on it’s way, you’re getting yourself and your home ready for a new season. With this new season comes the inevitable dry air.

It’s a downside that comes when you turn your furnace on. Your throat starts to scratch, your skin starts to itch, and you feel like you haven’t had a drink of water in weeks.

It’s a fact; the air just isn’t as nice in the winter. In fact, it’s downright terrible. So how do you fix it?

You’ve probably heard people talk about turning on their humidifiers when this weather rolls around. But what do air humidifiers do, and how do they help?

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A Humidifier Releases Water Vapour Into the Air

The simplest explanation of what air humidifiers do is that they release water vapour into the air. This increases the humidity level, and reduces the dryness of the air.

Our homes need a humidity level of approximately 45%, which doesn’t happen when our furnaces start running. That’s where an air humidifier comes in.

When you get a whole-home humidifier, it attaches right to your duct work, and works with your furnace. Air is pushed through the humidifier and picks up moisture, spreading it all through your house, improving your indoor air quality.

While many people opt to use a freestanding humidifier, this isn’t as effective. At best, it will only work on one room in the house; the rest of your home will still feel dry and uncomfortable. Plus you’ll hear it from a mile away; they’re noisy! That’s why whole-home humidifiers (contrary to whole-home dehumidifiers) are the best option.

Benefits of an Air Humidifier

Adding an air humidifier to your winter HVAC system comes with several benefits.

1. Helps with Allergies

If you or someone in your home has allergies or asthma, you know that winter means more hacking coughs and a harder time breathing in dry air. Your home quickly becomes a house of horrors for anyone with respiratory problems.

An air humidifier brings that to an end. With the increased humidity, the air will be easier to breathe, and easier on your allergies.

2. Combats Cold-Like Symptoms

When the temperature drops and the furnace goes on, some people will experience sore throats, chapped lips, headaches, and congestion. In short, everything you experience when you get a cold.

Nobody likes feeling sick. And nobody wants to feel sick from November to March.

Humidifiers will combat those symptoms because they reduce the dryness in the air. Lack of dryness means less feeling sick and more feeling happy.

3. Alleviates Dry, Itchy Skin and Hair

It isn’t just your insides that dry out. Dry air impacts your skin and hair, leaving you feeling itchy, annoyed, and spending a lot more money on heavy moisturizers and conditioner.

Instead of resigning yourself to a season of itchy discomfort, an air humidifier will keep you feeling comfortable in your own home (and skin).

4. Helps Save Money on Heating

One of the biggest struggles you have during the winter is finding the balance between a warm house and your energy bill. Toronto winters are notoriously bitter, and your furnace runs constantly, costing you a lot of money.

Air with a good level of humidity holds heat better – just think about how hot it gets in the humid summers? The same is true of the air in your home.

Using an air humidifier will make the air hold heat longer; you won’t have to turn the thermostat up as much.

Keep Your Air Humidifier Clean

Like any other part of your HVAC system, an air humidifier will work best when it’s kept well-maintained and frequently cleaned. Luckily they require very little attention, compared with portable models.

Whole-home humidifiers are easy to keep clean. Most use a water pad, which is what adds moisture to the air. All you have to do is replace the water pad 1-2 times during furnace season. If your home’s air is extra dry, you may need to replace the water pad more often.

A steam humidifier will have no pad to change or clean. Instead, it heats and disperses water vapour right through your ducts. This does mean you’ll have to keep an eye out for water scale buildup.

We Have Lots of Models for Every Home

We carry Lennox, GeneralAire, and Carrier humidifiers with a wide range of models to suite every Toronto household. We’ll help you pick the right one, and install it in your home before the harsh winter air.

Be ready for the season with a whole-home air humidifier, and have a comfortable winter.

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