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Since 1974, Husky has been selling, installing, and servicing quality heating and cooling solutions to Greater Toronto Area customers just like you. We are the experts in heat pumps, and you’ll love the high quality service and expertise we provide.

Air source heat pumps are a cost-effective, high efficiency solution for heating and cooling—keep your home comfortable year round, and save money on energy costs while you do!


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As a smaller company with a 40+ year history of happy customers, we know it’s important to back up our promises. That is why we offer our satisfaction guarantee. Whether it’s a new air conditioning repair or installation, we make sure you’re treated the way we’d want to be treated. Learn all about our guarantee.

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Why Choose Husky Heating & Air Conditioning?

Whether you’re looking to get a new heat pump, or replace a regular air conditioner with a multi-functional system, the experts at Husky are available to help you take the guesswork out of the decision. With qualified technicians who know the ins and outs of both systems, we’re ready to provide you with information, quality equipment, and skilled heat pump installation services.

Heat Pump Installation

Heat pump installation couldn’t be easier with Husky. We are your go-to experts and will help you choose the best model for your needs. There are many heat pumps out there, and it can be overwhelming to try and pick the best HVAC system for you. Just let us know your budget, efficiency requirements, and the size of your home, and our licensed technicians will install the perfect system for the job.

We can also help you navigate the Canada Greener Homes Grant to get you the maximum value out of your new energy efficient heat pump, or any other cooling and heating system you have.

Heat Pump Repair

We provide heating system repairs for any make or model of central or ductless heat pumps you can find. We’re here for you 24/7, even on holidays. Whether it’s for an emergency repair or routine maintenance, call Husky for all your heat pump repairs.

Call 905-761-9485 to get in touch with us for your heat pump repairs.

Heat Pump Brands

Husky is a Lennox Premier Dealer and a Carrier Dealer. We continuously check to make sure we live up to rigorous standards set by these top air source heat pump manufacturers.

XC21 Air ConditionerLennox Heat Pump

Lennox is one of the most trusted names for heating and cooling equipment, and when you add in Husky’s expert Lennox installation and customer service, you get a combination that can’t be beat. With a wide range of models suitable for all budgets, Lennox offers an unprecedented whole-home comfort heat pump system that delivers consistently clean, comfortable, perfect air to your home.

Lennox TruHeat Performance gives you a greater amount of heat over traditional heat pumps, delivering the rich, warm comfort of a traditional furnace—without the fossil fuels.

With a variable-capacity compressor that allows it to run at low speed, as well as a sound-dampening system to absorb outdoor noise, a Lennox heat pump is drastically quieter than other heating solutions.

Carrier Heat Pump

Carrier has a history of innovating heating and cooling solutions since 1902. Leading the industry with the first modern air conditioner cooling system, Carrier continues to be a leader in setting the standard for technological excellence.

With energy efficient models of up to 22 SEER2 ratings, you can get premium energy savings with an amazingly quiet operation and premium comfort features. Carrier’s Greenspeed intelligence pairs adaptable-speed technology with the Infinity System Control, which allows it to adapt its output to the needs of your home.


Heat Pump FAQ – Heat Pump vs. Furnace vs. Central Air Conditioner

What’s the difference between a heat pump and a furnace?

A heat pump consists of an outdoor unit, and indoor unit, a refrigerant line that connects the two units, and a reverse valve that allows the system to switch from cooling to heating mode. Heat pumps naturally circulate humid, warm air, and can cool your home in the summertime. Their limitations come when the temperature drops below -28-30ºC, and you’ll need a backup heat source for those cold snaps.

A furnace consists of a burner, heat exchangers, a blower fan, and a flue (to vent hot gas exhaust). The heat produced by furnaces is typically hot and dry. Regardless of the outdoor temperatures, a gas furnace will continually produce more and more heat. Furnaces can last longer than heat pumps (with proper maintenance) and are usually less expensive to purchase and install upfront.

What’s the difference between heat pumps and air conditioners?

An air conditioner doesn’t actually produce cold temperatures or cold air—it moves heat from inside your home to the outdoor air.

A heat pump works almost the exact same way (moving heat to the desired location), with the advantage of a heat pump is that it can reverse the process and move the warmth into your home if the season is cold and your house needs heat.

If you’re looking for a single system that can manage your home’s comfort all year round, a heat pump is your best choice. However, the heating system does have its limitations, and in Canada it’s almost sure to reach the coldest part of its limitations every year.

Save Up To $10,000 on Heat Pumps!