Carrier’s ductless mini split AC system is a cutting-edge solution designed to provide efficient and personalized cooling comfort. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Carrier has become a trusted name in the HVAC industry.

As a leading provider of ductless air conditioners, Carrier offers a wide range of indoor units that cater to various preferences and room sizes. These units are designed to deliver precise, customized control, energy efficiency, and quiet operation, ensuring optimal comfort for homeowners.

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Carrier Ductless Air Conditioner vs. Central Air Conditioner

Carrier’s ductless air conditioner systems offer several advantages over traditional central air conditioners. Unlike central ACs, which rely on a network of ducts to distribute cooled air, mini split ductless systems provide zoned cooling without the need for ductwork. This makes them ideal for homes without existing duct systems or those looking for a more flexible and efficient cooling solution.

Ductless mini split ACs also offer individualized temperature control for each indoor unit, allowing homeowners to customize comfort levels in different rooms. Additionally, mini split systems are more energy-efficient, as they avoid the energy losses associated with ductwork, resulting in potential cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

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Mini Split Ductless Air Conditioners from Carrier in 2023

Infinity® High Wall Indoor UnitInfinity® High Wall Indoor Unit

The Infinity® High Wall Indoor Unit is a premium option in Carrier’s mini split ductless AC lineup. This unit combines sleek design with advanced features, providing quiet and efficient cooling performance. The Infinity® series utilizes variable-speed compressors and advanced sensors to optimize cooling output based on specific room conditions. With whisper-quiet operation and precise temperature control, the Infinity® High Wall Indoor Unit offers unparalleled comfort and energy efficiency.

Performance™ High Wall Indoor UnitPerformance™ High Wall Indoor Unit

The Performance™ High Wall Indoor Unit is another excellent choice for homeowners seeking the efficient cooling comfort of a mini split system. This unit is designed to deliver reliable and consistent cooling while ensuring quiet operation. With its compact design, the Performance™ High Wall Indoor Unit blends seamlessly with any interior decor. The unit’s intuitive controls and user-friendly interface make it easy to maintain your desired indoor climate.

Comfort™ High Wall Indoor Unit

Comfort™ High Wall Indoor Unit

The Comfort™ High Wall Indoor Unit offers a cost-effective and reliable cooling solution. This mini split unit features Carrier’s dependable technology, providing efficient cooling performance and quiet operation. The Comfort™ High Wall Indoor Unit is an excellent option for homeowners looking for a balance between affordability and comfort. With its straightforward installation and straightforward operation, this unit ensures a hassle-free experience.

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Carrier’s mini split ductless AC system stands as a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction. With a range of indoor mini split units catering to diverse preferences, Carrier offers customizable and efficient cooling solutions for every home. Compared to central ACs, Carrier’s mini split ductless air conditioner offers increased energy efficiency and individualized temperature control, making it a smart choice for modern homeowners.

Whether opting for the high-end Infinity® series, the reliable Performance™ series, or the budget-friendly Comfort™ series, homeowners can rely on Carrier’s mini split ductless air conditioner to provide superior cooling comfort for years to come.

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