If the HVAC system in your home or office is not behaving properly consider checking the thermostat before calling an HVAC technician. Some thermostat problems, like the ones below, are relatively easy to fix yourself, saving you the cost of a service visit. The common thermostat issues that can be resolved by the owner are:

“My HVAC System Just Won’t Start”

Usually, when the HVAC system won’t turn on at all – it’s is out of power. Reset the breakers or replace the fuse for the HVAC system or. Try replacing the batteries if your thermostat run on batteries. If the system still won’t run, try opening it up and checking for loose wires or corroded connections, and tighten or clean them.

If the thermostat is dirty inside, try using a soft brush to remove dust, dirt and other debris.

“The Temperature Is Different From What I Set on My Thermostat”

Mechanical thermostats, particularly those with mercury switches, can glitch if they’re not mounted correctly. So check that the thermostat is properly mounted and clean. If the thermostat is level check the placement of the thermostat. If your thermostat is close to a sunny window or is in a drafty area it may not be able to detect the correct temperature and may need to be repositioned.

“My HVAC Won’t Turn Off “

This again might be caused by an improperly mounted thermostat or by an incorrect position.

If your thermostat continues to cause problems, consider replacing it. Programmable thermostats are fairly inexpensive now, and they can significantly reduce energy loss.

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