Things To Check Before You Turn On Your Air Conditioning After Winter

Yes! The GTA weather is warming up at last, and you can look forward to turning on your air conditioning after the winter.

But to get the best out of your air conditioner and ductless air conditioner this summer, take the time NOW to make sure the system is in tip-top condition or your AC may stop turning on. That way, you won’t have to go a single day without cool air-conditioned comfort (plus, you’ll avoid expensive repairs).

Here are 7 things you need to have checked to prevent Toronto air conditioning repair.

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1. Thermostat

Is your thermostat showing signs of damage? If it’s time for a replacement, consider an energy-efficient programmable thermostat, to keep your home at a comfortable temperature while saving you money on utilities.

Have an experienced HVAC tech check thermostat positioning as well. Your thermostat should be mounted 150 centimetres above the floor, in a spot away from heat sources like a sunny window, a stove, etc.

2. Condenser

Your AC outdoor condenser unit has been sitting idle for months — outside during a Canadian winter! So it may be clogged with leaves, dirt, and other debris. You’ll need to have it cleaned and drained of any excess water.

TIP: Next winter, protect your condenser with a cover.

3. Evaporator Coils

Air conditioning evaporator coils are also known as cooling coils. They have the critical job of removing heat from the air coming into your AC system. It’s best to have the coils cleaned once a year; otherwise, they tend to waste energy and cause issues such as an air conditioner that runs all the time.

4. Circuit Board

You may have switched off the circuit breaker for your outdoor AC unit last fall. This spring, you’ll need to flip it back on again, ideally 24 hours before turning on your air conditioning after the winter.

That’s an air conditioner maintenance task that you can probably do yourself. However, if there’s a problem with the circuit (or you’re not sure which one controls the outdoor unit), contact a professional.

5. Refrigerant Level

An essential part of air conditioning prep is checking the refrigerant level, the fluid that evaporates and condenses throughout the cooling cycle. Although it never gets used up, your AC refrigerant level will drop if you have a leak somewhere in the system. The leak will need to be fixed before the refrigerant is topped up. One sign of low refrigerant levels is if you’re not feeling any cold air from your air conditioner.

6. Air Filter

The air filter must be clean and unclogged to permit proper airflow. Whenever you’re using your central heating and cooling system, inspect your air filter every 30 days. Change the filter (or clean it if you use the permanent type) at least once every 3 months. And before you start up your air conditioner for the season, double-check the filter first.

7. Blower

The blower fan blades should be vacuumed clean and then wiped down. Next, the mounting bolts should be tightened and the motor lubricated if necessary.

Your Air Conditioning Benefits from Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance for your AC will save you money and hassle in 3 ways. The system will run more efficiently and reduce your energy usage. If you’re wondering how long your AC will last, the answer hinges on how well you maintain your unit. It will be much less likely to break down during a Vaughan heatwave when you need it most. And well-maintained air conditioning tends to last longer.

Professional maintenance is essential; an HVAC pro is equipped with all the correct tools and products and understands in-depth how air conditioners work.

Husky provides expert air conditioning maintenance and repair in the Greater Toronto Area. Rely on us to get — and keep — your AC in great shape.

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