Best Temp For AC

Some like it hot, and some like it cold. Everyone has their personal preference when it comes to AC. If you’re wondering, “What temperature should I set my air conditioner for coolness and energy efficiency?” There is a definite answer.

SPOILER ALERT: The recommended air conditioning temperature might be higher than what you’re used to. But the good news is that there are plenty of things you can do to stay comfortable while saving energy. Check out our suggestions below.

1. Set air conditioning at 25.5°

Yep, that’s the answer to “What temperature should I set my air conditioner at?” It’s low enough for you to function comfortably but high enough so that your AC won’t run all the time and turn you into an energy hog.

2. Adjust AC to your schedule

Save even more energy by raising the air conditioning temperature when you don’t need it. Set your thermostat a couple of degrees higher before bedtime or when you leave for work. A programmable or smart thermostat is ideal for this.

3. Use a fan for cooling

Wait, what? Doesn’t a fan also use electricity? Yes, but much less than air conditioning does. Besides blowing a comfortable stream of air directly on you, a fan can help keep your home cooler by circulating the chilled air from your AC.

4. Minimize heat-producing appliances in summer

Every time you run your stove, dryer, or even your dishwasher, it heats up your house. So during Vaughan’s hot summers, use these appliances minimally… in the late evening or early morning, if possible.

5. Keep hot air out, bring cool air in

Seal up cracks, especially around windows and doors, so hot air can’t leak into your house. Filter out the strong sun with thermal drapes or blinds (or plant a tree outside for a long-term solution). If the temperature drops substantially at night, turn off your air conditioning and open the windows.

6. Be (a bit) flexible

Getting used to a higher AC setting might take a little while. However, if you find yourself and the folks you live with feeling really uncomfortable, adjust the temperature slightly lower, one degree at a time. Aim for comfort, not chill.

7. Keep your air conditioner in top shape

Change the filter every 1-3 months — depending on your HVAC system and your home. A regular tuneup will also help keep your AC running great and using less energy; consider opting for a professional maintenance plan.

Husky Helps Your Air Conditioner Efficiency

We’ve got big plans for you and your AC. Our goal is to keep your family cool, reduce your carbon footprint, and save you money on electricity bills.

Talk with our expert HVAC team about professional air conditioning tuneup and repair. We’re ready with practical solutions to all your questions.