When Do I Need To Service My Central Air Conditioner?

Wondering whether you really need to get your central AC unit serviced? The answer is simple. Yes, you need an air conditioner maintenance service at least once a year to keep the system in peak condition.

The relatively small cost of AC tuneup will pay off in terms of reduced repairs, increased home comfort, and a longer life for your cooling equipment. Find out how.

When Do I Need To Get My Air Conditioner Serviced?

We recommend annual air conditioning service, ideally in early spring before you turn on your AC. This helps ensure reliable cooling performance throughout the summer. The “shoulder season,” between periods of heavy AC unit or furnace usage, is when HVAC companies are most available so that you can book an appointment easily.

However, this is not a hard and fast rule. It’s possible to have central air conditioning tuned up any time of year that’s convenient for you. Also, you might need AC service more frequently if you notice any potential problems.

Between professional air conditioner service calls, do a little DIY maintenance. Change or clean the air filter every 30-90 days, clear away foliage and debris from the outdoor unit, and check the indoor system for buildup of dirt or ice.

What’s Inspected In An Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Your annual air conditioners maintenance includes a thorough inspection (and adjustment, calibration, or lubrication, as required) of vital components so they may not require replacement, including:

  1. Thermostat
  2. Compressor
  3. Condenser fan motor
  4. Blower motor
  5. Fins
  6. Condenser coil
  7. Evaporator and condenser controls
  8. Condensate drainage
  9. Refrigerant level (check for leaks)
  10. Disconnects
  11. Access panels
  12. Electric connections
  13. Electrical control sequence (ensures heating and cooling systems will not operate at the same time)
  14. Ductwork

While this list is long, there are four major parts that make your AC work. Knowing what they do can help you catch and prevent problems in the future. Learn how your AC works!

Benefits Of Servicing Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioner tuneup will save you money in the long run and is well worth the fee. (Save even more — join our Husky Protection Plan.) You’ll enjoy the following benefits from air conditioner service:

Extend The Life Of Air Conditioner

Your central air conditioner represents a hefty financial investment, comprising both the purchase price and the cost of installation. Get the most for your hard-earned cash. Regular expert maintenance may extend the life of your air conditioner significantly.

Fewer Repairs & Emergencies

Scheduled air conditioner servicing is designed, ideally, to stop trouble before it starts. So if your tech spots any small problems, they can be nipped in the bud. This means fewer emergencies and expensive repairs (as well as less downtime when you’ll be without an effective way to cool your home).

PS: Regular AC repair might not be covered by your warranty unless you have a regular pro maintenance service history.

Improve System Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a major concern among consumers today, especially when it comes to large electricity-hungry appliances. Proper maintenance will make your cooling system run much more efficiently, and regular maintenance of HVAC systems will save you from that extra hot day.

For example, simply changing the filter could save you 5-15 percent on your AC energy use. A more efficient central air conditioner will reduce energy bills and your carbon footprint. Now there’s a comfortable feeling!

Improves Air Quality

Your central AC unit improves air quality throughout your home in two ways, when it’s tuned up and in good working condition:

1. Filtration

A clean, unclogged air conditioning filter helps protect both your cooling system’s components and your indoor air quality by trapping airborne contaminants. Consider upgrading to more efficient air filters or adding a whole-home air purifier to your HVAC system for advanced protection.

2. Dehumidification

As it cools, your central air conditioner also dehumidifies indoor air. Relative humidity below 50 percent will make the air inside your home feel cooler and more pleasant.

Can An Air Conditioner Go Without Being Serviced?

Theoretically, yes it can… for a while. That’s great when you like to live dangerously. But if you’re concerned about avoiding breakdowns, optimizing energy efficiency, enjoying home comfort, and keeping your warranty valid, having your air conditioning system serviced yearly is a smart idea!

Keep Your AC In Top Shape

Keep your central air running smoothly all summer. Schedule professional AC servicing with Husky in the Greater Toronto Area.

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Always very satisfied with Husky and their work (last time was a week ago for AC annual maintenance). I am the customer since 2012 and since then I always go to them for all my needs regarding AC, furnace and TWH. Great work Husky!