AC Freezing Up

Have you noticed your air conditioner freezing up? At first glance, that might not seem to be such a big problem… unlike air conditioning that leaks water, for instance. At least it’s cold.

However, no air conditioner is ever supposed to get that cold. It’s time to repair your Toronto AC!

An AC (or more precisely, its evaporator coils) that is literally icing over signals a problem — a pretty urgent one. Your first step: Switch to “Fan Only” mode so the system can defrost. Warming it with a blow dryer can also help.

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Then check out these 6 common reasons for frozen air conditioning, and the solutions to each.

1. Clogged filter

Inspection of the air filter is a great place to begin your troubleshooting. You may have already noticed your air conditioner isn’t pushing any cool air. A filter clogged with dust can obstruct airflow to the system, leading to frost on the coil. Replace or clean if necessary. Then continue to inspect the filter every month, changing it as needed.

2. Air conditioner too cold

“That’s obvious,” you might think, but let’s dig a little deeper. Air conditioning usually gets too cold when:

1) You’ve turned the thermostat extremely low; try keeping it at an energy-wise setting of 25°, or 2) The weather outdoors is chilly (common in Vaughan at night, especially during spring and fall).

Switch the AC off before you go to bed when an overnight low below 16° is expected.

3. Dirty evaporator coil

The coil itself might be grimy, particularly if you’ve been neglecting to maintain your air conditioning. A dirty coil means restricted heat absorption, so the refrigerant remains at a frigid temperature, which in turn leads to icing up.

Once the coil’s defrosted, clean thoroughly… or have us come and take care of it for you. Signing up for a regular air conditioner maintenance plan is not a bad idea, either.

4. Condensate drain blockage

There’s a dedicated drain line that allows your AC system to discharge condensate. Occasionally this line gets blocked due to the growth of algae and other forms of yuck. The blockage can cause the coil to freeze up. Once again, the solution to this problem is a good cleaning.

5. Broken motor or fan

You can often make a DIY diagnosis that the freezing is because of a blower motor or fan that is malfunctioning (or not functioning at all). It may gradually blow a weaker flow of air, suddenly start smoking, or simply not perform at all. In any of these cases, you will need expert air conditioner repair or replacement.

6. Low refrigerant

Yet another reason for a frozen AC is lowered levels of refrigerant. What this means is that you’ve got a leak somewhere in the system, due to cracks or holes in the coils. (Refrigerant does not just get “used up.”) Request a Husky tech to come and locate the leak, and then repair it.

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If your DIY fixes don’t solve the frozen AC problem, contact Husky for fast, expert repair at a reasonable price.

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