happy-family-sitting-together-indoorsIf you’ve spent any time walking down Toronto’s residential streets, you’ve seen window AC units. They’re big, clunky boxes secured in open windows that are supposed to contain everything you need to cool down a room.

That right there is the problem; they cool down a room, not a whole house.

Some people opt for multiple window AC units to solve that problem, but we have to ask: is that really the best way to go?

Wouldn’t it be better to opt for a system that is unobtrusive, easily programmable, cost-efficient, and adds value to your home?

That’s what you get with a central air conditioner.

We’re breaking down the central air vs. window unit discussion to show that when it comes to energy efficiency and cost-cutting, a central air conditioner will always come out on top.

1. It’s Cost-Efficient

In the last 10 to 15 years alone, central air conditioners with an Energy Star rating have become between 30 and 40 per cent more efficient. This means more savings for you!

A central air conditioner will use anywhere between 3000 to 5000 watts an hour. This may sound like a lot, but it is important to remember that this is what it takes to cool your whole house.

By comparison, multiple window units would draw just as much energy, but actually be less efficient. Their position in windows is not air tight, meaning cold air is actually escaping outside instead of properly cooling your home. And no one wants to pay to air condition the outside.

Coupled with some steps you can take to help reduce your AC costs, a central air conditioner is more cost-efficient than you thought.

2. It’s Quiet

Central air conditioners were designed with you in mind, and that includes considering noise levels. A central air system is located outside the home, which means a reduced level of noise when you’re trying to sleep or get work done.

Window units are not as considerate. They make a lot of noise right in the room, which is irritating to say the least.

3. It’s Safer

Having a window unit means your window is constantly open. This increases the risk that someone could break into your home, particularly if the window unit is at ground level.

A central air unit doesn’t interfere with any other part of your house, meaning that you can continue to lock up as usual without worrying about sacrificing safety for cool air.

4. It’s Easier to Operate

If you’ve ever tried to install and operate a window unit, you know that it is a pain. First of all, window AC units are extremely heavy. They can be 80 lbs or more, which makes it almost impossible to install by yourself.

Then you have to turn around in 4 or 5 months to uninstall it and find a place to store it.

A central air conditioner is ideal for installation and operation. Once it is installed, all you have to do is set your programmable thermostat and go about your business.

With the right thermostat, you can set it for different temperatures at different times in the day, using your machine in the most efficient way. You’ll keep cool and hardly have to lift a finger, let alone 80 plus pounds.

5. It Helps With Air Quality

A central air conditioner is great for people with allergies or concerns about contaminants in the air, because it is hooked up to your furnace’s air handler. This means that the air is actually getting pumped through the filter. The cool air that your home is receiving has been filtered and freshened.

A window unit not only doesn’t properly filter air, but because of its design, it actually lets warm air back into your home, not to mention anything else that slips past the seal.

6. It Adds Value

This is all well and good, but you’re probably still dwelling on the upfront costs of a central air conditioner. And we get it; it’s a big investment.

But like any good investment, it will add value to your home so that if someday you decide to sell, you can include the fact that you have an energy-efficient, well-cared for central air conditioner.

Homebuyers are looking for features that make their lives more convenient, and a central air conditioner is about as convenient as they come.

Central Air For the Win

We aren’t saying window units don’t work; they do the job for small apartments and people who are renting. But when it comes to a home, you need something that can do the whole job, and do it well.

We’ll Help You Choose The One That’s Right For You

A central air conditioner is an option that makes a lot of sense for your Toronto home. Now that you’ve committed to going central, you need to find the one that works best for you.

We carry a variety of high-quality units from the biggest names in the business, and we can help you find the one that, like Cinderella’s slipper, fits just so.

How to Buy the Right Air Conditioner