Experiencing high humidity in your home? Excess moisture, musty smells and mould? You could be experiencing an imbalanced amount of humidity in your home. You can combat that excessive amount of humidity by using a dehumidifier. So, what is a dehumidifier?

These devices control the moisture in your house, detecting levels of humidity which determine whether or not you’re living in a healthy environment with clean air. 

By using water and coils to clean the air, this hard-working, energy-efficient machine can remove up to 70 pints of water a day. The best locations to place your dehumidifier are in the laundry room, bathroom or basement.

The ideal indoor humidity is 35 to 45 percent. A high humidity reaches anywhere higher than 50 percent. A low humidity drops anywhere lower than 30 percent.

As you read further, we’ll explain the benefits of owning a dehumidifier, and outline some efficient methods to ensure a healthier home.

1. Creepy Crawly Dust Mites

We could provide a picture of what dust mites look like, but we want you to continue reading.

Dust mites are micro-insects that feed on dead skin cells found in dust. Dust mites can exacerbate people’s reactions to allergies and asthma attacks.

They’re unable to live in low humidity environments and that’s where your dehumidifier plays a key role. Dehumidifiers keep your house from reaching a high humidity level where dust mites can thrive.

2. Mould

Mould grows in damp and wet surroundings, which are caused due to high humidity. The higher the level of humidity, the higher the amount of moisture. Mould is dangerous because it affects not only allergies, but it irritates the respiratory system and could cause depression.

Mould can appear on walls, flooring, crawl space and furniture. By utilizing a dehumidifier, you’ll minimize the amount of moisture in your home, and maximize your preventative efforts to eliminate the growth of mould.

3. Smells

Do you ever wonder why a room smells? Whatever you spray, you still end up with a smell. 

Due to mildew and mould, your rooms may retain a musty and unpleasant odour. One of the benefits of a dehumidifier is keeping those smells at bay. Regulating the humidity in your home will help keep moisture levels down, and will deter from musty smells in your home.

4. House & Furniture Quality

In high humidity, moisture can diminish the quality of your housing materials and furniture. Through rusting, mould, warping and cracking, the levels of moisture can have detrimental effects on wood, metals and fabrics. 

5. Don’t Bug Me

“A Bug’s Life” is a great movie, but no one wants to play a part in it. To avoid being cast in that movie, a great way to keep these pests from entering your home is by running a dehumidifier. If you’re anti-insects, this is a huge benefit of a dehumidifier.

Houses with high humidity levels tend to attract ants, mosquitoes, centipedes, etc. These insects are looking for dirty, damp crawl spaces to bunk in. And no, they don’t pay rent.

6. Energy Costs

By implementing air conditioning with your dehumidifier, you can save money on electrical bills. Since the dehumidifier has the power to lower humidity, this provides an opportunity to take it easy with your air conditioner.

NOTE: Make sure to purchase a dehumidifier with ENERGY STAR certification.

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