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Technology is an evolving phenomenon. It’s always changing and innovating new ways to improve our lives, making them more efficient. WiFi thermostats are a by-product of this phenomenon.

From its simple usability, health benefits, energy efficiency to security, WiFi thermostats change how you define comfort in your home. Follow our guide to learn and find out if you should get a WiFi thermostat.

How Does A WiFi Thermostat Work?

A WiFi thermostat allows you to control your thermostat from a smart device like a tablet or smartphone. By downloading the compatible mobile app from your purchased brand, you have control over your heating and cooling system, all at your fingertips. The basic WiFi thermostat is a logical extension to a typical programmable thermostat but with more capabilities.

Most WiFi thermostats are now transitioning to be equipped with smart home technology. SMART is an acronym for “Self-Monitoring Analysis & Reporting Technology.” Smart technology is connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing you to interact via the Internet. A smart home device’s job is to monitor and control various utilities in your home, all to ensure your best interest.

There are various capabilities where your WiFi thermostat can make life easier for you and your family. If you’ve left home and forgot to change your thermostat, you can still check and adjust your thermostat from an internet-connected device.

Applying a thermostat schedule is also a handy tool. If the whole family is away during the day, you can develop a repeatable schedule for the thermostat to adjust when no one’s at home. WiFi thermostats with smart home technology adapt your schedule without inputting any information. Remote sensors are also installed to detect movement throughout your home. 

WiFi thermostats capabilities include:

  • Scheduling
  • Energy usage reports
  • Hazard alerts
  • Weather display
  • Compatible with other home automation systems
  • Continuous software and security updates

What Are The Benefits Of A WiFi Thermostat?

1. Healthy Air Quality

According to the Government of Canada, over 3.8 million Canadians are diagnosed with asthma, mainly due to poor indoor humidity and air quality in homes. Low or high humidity can affect various human functions, from respiratory, eyes and skin. 

Thankfully, WiFi thermostats are equipped with humidity control, preventing allergic and asthmatic reactions. When the outdoor levels are at a high or a low, the thermostat adjusts to increase or reduce your indoor humidity. Also, there are various WiFi thermostats equipped with allergen defenders, monitoring the air quality and pollen levels of your local postal code. 

2. Simple Usability

You can control your thermostat from anywhere in the world. Leave on vacation and forgot to adjust your thermostat? No problem, pull up the companion app and make those adjustments.

Also, various WiFi thermostats are capable of connecting to voice assistant technology like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These devices allow you to make changes to your HVAC systems through voice command, all without having your smart device on hand.

3. Comfort & Peace of Mind

No matter what room you’re in, the temperature will feel how it’s supposed to feel. Sometimes, various rooms in our home feel colder or warmer than others due to higher or lower levels of humidity. Some WiFi thermostats contain sensors to adjust the temperature and humidity of every room to feel like the inputted temperature.

If you’re planning on doing something outside of your everyday schedule, like going on vacation, you can manually adjust the temperature for those days. Doing so removes any notion of coming home to a whopping energy bill.

Gone are the days where you come home to find your heating and cooling broken. Your WiFi thermostat sends alerts to your smart device to notify you of any dangers or broken HVAC equipment. You can also ensure those alerts send to us.

Do WiFi Thermostats Really Save You Money?

It’s hard to know what temperature you should set your thermostat. On the one hand, you want to save money, but on the other, you don’t want to freeze or melt. With WiFi thermostats, you’ll worry less about that.

According to the Government of Canada, if every Canadian installed WiFi thermostats, our savings total would approximately be $248 million per year.

It all comes down to their scheduling capability. Your WiFi thermostats make adjustments to your heating and cooling based on who’s in the house. If your home is uninhabited, your WiFi thermostat initiates a low-power standby mode to save you on energy.

If you forget to adjust your programmable thermostat when you leave, your HVAC systems could rack up a hefty energy bill. The WiFi thermostat allows you to input set-schedules, lowering the amount of energy consumed when no one’s at home. By using your smart device, you can control your thermostat from anywhere, allowing you to adjust to your schedule.

WiFi thermostats also track your energy savings and usage, allowing you to evaluate which areas of your home are consuming the most energy.

Are WiFi Thermostats Secure?

Although the Internet of Things has opened a whole new world for us as consumers, it’s also opened up opportunities for cybercriminals. So, what does this mean for smart technology and WiFi thermostats?

Fortunately, WiFi thermostats include wireless and cable encryptions. These thermostats only connect to a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection. SSL is a standard security technology that creates an encrypted link between the server and the device. But, you’re still vulnerable if your WiFi router isn’t properly secured.

According to Norton, your WiFi router is the “front door” to all smart home devices. To ensure your thermostat and WiFi router is protected, here are a few tips from Norton:

  1. Use a secure encryption method for your WiFi (WPA2)
  2. Change default network names and passwords
  3. Use unique and robust WiFi passwords
  4. Keep your software up to date
  5. Use two-step authentication
  6. Don’t use public WiFi connections

What Are The Best WiFi Thermostats To Buy?

Lennox iComfort S30 WiFi Thermostat

The iComfort S30 creates a schedule based on when you leave and come home, creating an energy-saving schedule without even thinking about it. Your schedule, weather, air quality all may change, but the iComfort S30 adapts to keep your home safe and comfortable. Your heating and cooling systems will work with your smart device in harmony, saving you energy without having to think about it.


  • Adjusts based on outdoor temperature and humidity
  • Senses extreme temperature changes
  • Energy reports
  • A zoning system providing even temperatures in all your rooms
  • Smart Away GPS tracking
  • Adapts to family’s schedule
  • Vacation mode
  • Displays weather forecast
  • Monitors air quality and pollen levels
  • Reminds you to change filters
  • Email hazard alerts
  • Colour touchscreen
  • Compatible app
  • Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple Homekit compatible
  • 5-year warranty

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Carrier Infinity Touch Control WiFi Thermostat

The Infinity Touch Control WiFi thermostat gives you the ultimate user experience. This WiFi thermostat is both easy-to-use and powerful, giving you full customization over your heating and cooling. 

  • Provides management for up to 8 zones with independent 7-day programs
  • 5.4″ wide LCD touch screen
  • Compatible with many other home automation systems for security and lights (optional)
  • Vacation mode 
  • Compatible with hybrid-heat systems
  • Provides full humidity management
  • Tracks your energy usage in real-time
  • Automatically switches from heating mode to cooling mode as temperatures change.
  • Compatible with Carrier’s Greenspeed Intelligence
  • Optional pop-up reminders for filter changes and maintenance
  • Displays weather forecast for the next 5 days
  • 10-year warranty

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Trust Husky With Your WiFi Thermostat

We recommend you hire a heating and cooling professional when installing your WiFi thermostat. Although you may be Inspector Gadget, you could potentially damage your furnace or air conditioner if not installed correctly. Also, you could miss out on some of the features your WiFi thermostat has to offer.

WiFi thermostats adapt to change, and so should you. Request a quote with Husky today!

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