AC Making Loud Noises

Ahh! There’s nothing like nice cool air conditioning on a hot Toronto summer day. But wait! What’s that noise coming from your AC? You’re just hoping that you don’t need emergency air conditioner repair!

A bit of humming from the motor is normal, especially with an older system. If you start to hear a loud strange noise, though, that could signal your air conditioner has a problem.

Here’s how to troubleshoot 10 common noises from your AC.

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1. Buzzing

When air conditioners begin to produce loud buzzing noises, these are almost always due to electrical problems, often with the relays or contactors. Turn off the air conditioning and call a professional ASAP to get your AC system working right.

2. Humming

A loud hum from your air conditioner unit is usually made by the fan. Often all it needs is a good cleaning, but occasionally this humming indicates an issue with bent fan blades, worn-out components, or even a failing fan motor.

3. Banging

Banging noise can mean several things – none of them good. An off-balance indoor blower may be the source. Alternatively, a loose or damaged connecting rod, crankshaft, or piston pin may be clanking around in your compressor.

4. Clicking

A clicking sound comes from your AC’s electrical parts; it’s normal at system start-up or shutdown, but problematic when you hear it continually. Ongoing clicking frequently signifies the air conditioner controls are faulty or the thermostat needs replacement.

5. Clanking

Metallic clanking could be caused by an unbalanced outdoor fan or indoor blower. On the other hand, it may signal loose or out of balance compressor parts. Check with our air conditioning repair service – possibly you need a new compressor.

6. Rattling

The simplest explanation for an AC’s rattling noise is objects like twigs or pebbles caught in the outside unit. Alternative causes could be the fan or other parts (such as screws and bolts) which have loosened over time, or a problem with the electrical contactor.

7. Squealing

When you hear high pitched squealing from your AC’s indoor unit, the most likely origin is worn-out blower fan motor bearings or belt. From the outdoor unit, it’s probably caused by a motor malfunction, in either your fan or your compressor.

8. Hissing

Beware of a loud hissing as soon as your air conditioner turns on. This hissing noise commonly lasts for about 10 to 15 minutes and then stops. Most usual explanation? A high-pressure buildup in the compressor, which is EXTREMELY dangerous. Switch your AC off and call us immediately.

9. Whistling

When your cooling system starts whistling, try cleaning or replacing the air filter. A clogged filter may be behind that whistling noise (especially if you notice your AC has stopped blowing cold air) and this is one air conditioning repair you can safely DIY!

If that doesn’t help, your HVAC ducts might be at fault. Either your ductwork has developed cracks and leaks, allowing air to whistle through, or your duct size is incompatible with your air conditioning equipment.

10. Bubbling

A bubbling AC sounds a lot like gurgling liquid – and that’s exactly what’s going on. The bubbling sound stems from condensate gurgling as it passes through the drain line, or from a refrigerant leak.

Husky Can Handle Your Loud AC Noises

As you’ve just learned, loud noises tend to be a clear signal that your air conditioning needs repair.

The HVAC experts at Husky have the experience it takes to troubleshoot those noises, find the cause, and quiet them for good.

We’re here to help with all your air conditioner repair or replacement needs.