Brazilian family together. How Often Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

Figuring out when to clean air ducts is probably the last thing you think about, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. Ductwork allows for the warming and cooling system in your home to circulate air throughout your house, and most of the time it doesn’t need any sort of upkeep. However, once in a while your ductwork may need a good cleaning.

Duct cleaning isn’t a seasonal or annual event, no matter how much some people want you to think it is. Many HVAC experts recommend you clean your ducts once every 2-4 years. We’ll guide you through the ins and outs of duct cleaning, including when you need it and what to avoid.

Signs It’s Time To Clean Your Air Ducts

There are some situations where a good air duct cleaning is needed.

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  • Post Renovation – Renovations in your home kick up a lot of dust and debris that is filtered through your duct system. This can create massive amounts of buildup that will cause your HVAC system to work harder. The harder it has to work to spread warm or cool air through your home, the more energy it’ll use. If gone unchecked, it could even strain your system to the point where it breaks down well before it was supposed to.
  • Rodent/Insect Infestation – Just because you can’t fit in there doesn’t mean other things can’t. As much as we don’t like to think about creepy crawlers and critters living in our homes, it happens. If you suspect that you may have some unwanted visitors living in your ducts, investing in professional duct cleaning is a must.
  • Mold – If ducts are exposed to wet conditions, there is the potential for mold growth, which is unhealthy for you and your home. Take a peek inside your air vents and give a sniff. If you see any visible mold growth or catch a whiff of that distinctive musty mold smell, we recommend a cleaning right away.
  • Allergies and Illness – If you or someone living in your home is having an allergy-related illness or severe reaction, your dirty air ducts may be a contributor. First thing’s first – visit your doctor to establish what the problem is. If your doctor agrees that something in the home could be aggravating your symptoms, do your best to clean the rest of your home first. There could be another solution to your allergy problems. If you’ve done this and the illness or allergic reaction still has not gone away, consider a cleaning.
  • Dusty Home – If your HVAC system is expelling visible particles and contaminants like dust or pet hair on the duct surfaces, that is a sign that you need some air duct cleaners’ help. While a little dust in the ductwork is perfectly normal, debris re-entering the room is a sign of significant buildup. This will cover your living space and require constant dusting if you leave your dirty ducts the way they are.
  • High Energy Bills Not only can a dirty air duct result in poor indoor air quality, but it can have an affect on your energy bills! It will be hard to see the difference month to month- but if you compare usage year by year you may see a huge difference after the dust buildup. It collects in the heating system and restricts airflow, using more energy than needed.

If any of these situations sound familiar, consider having a duct cleaning technician take care of not just the ducts, but your entire system. Your furnace or air conditioner will thank you! We have the tools and the skills to provide duct cleaning service.

Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

Once you’ve avoided the pitfalls of duct cleaning scams, and confirmed that you need your ducts cleaned, you’re free to think about the benefits.

  • HVAC Efficiency – If your ducts have blockages or even just a large amount of buildup, getting them professionally cleaned will increase the efficiency of your HVAC system. It is no secret that a clean, well-tended apparatus is a happy one. A good HVAC cleaning will also test air flow, make sure that it is properly sealed, check your air filter, and look for any issues in your duct work.
  • Easing Those Allergies – If there are irritants inside your ducts causing some allergic reactions or allergy-related illness, having professional duct cleaning done is going to make you feel a whole lot better.
  • Reduce the debris – You already spend enough time cleaning and dusting, and dirty ducts don’t just mean dirty vent covers. It means a layer of dust on your floors and surfaces. It’s normal, but if it’s becoming unbearable, you would have less frequent cleaning.
  • Less HVAC Repairs If you never clean, your HVAC system will work harder to circulate air and will need more frequent or costly repairs.

Remember: A little dust in your ducts won’t impact the efficiency of your HVAC equipment. After all, that is what your furnace air filters are there to catch. Your ducts don’t have to be sparkling clean all the time. Duct cleaning is an occasional service that should only be done when you actually need it.

Beware of the duct cleaning company that boasts huge health benefits related to indoor air quality– air pollutants are real, but clean HVAC ducts will help more with allergens than with other health problems.

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Just because you have a real need for air duct cleaning services doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still keep an eye out for scams or shoddy workmanship from less than reputable duct cleaning companies. We recommend talking to your air duct cleaning professional to understand the process.

  • Check if they have multiple people and professional equipment.
  • If they say you have mold or other buildups that you yourself can’t see farther down the ducts, ask them to show it to you to avoid being swindled.
  • You may want to take a chance, but improper cleaning could create more problems and cost you more down the road. A professional that offers a duct cleaning service will get it right the first time.

The duct cleaning process doesn’t need to be you attacking a musty odor with a vacuum cleaner. The challenge of a proper cleaning with air ducts poses the question; is it worth trying to figure it out on my own?

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