When purchasing a brand new HVAC system, we all hope we will never need to take advantage of the attached warranty. But you want to be familiar with the terms and conditions of the warranty as well as what can void one, in case something does go wrong. Here are some of the main reasons that warranties are declared void:

1. Forgetting to Register the Warranty

Some HVAC manufacturers require you to register your new unit with them when you install it. Be sure to check to see if your warranty requires any action on your part and whether there’s a deadline to deal with it.

2. Using No-Brand Replacement Parts

A warranty is a lot like a guarantee – the manufacturer warrants that your new appliance is of good quality in working condition and will replace or repair parts if it’s not. If you use no-brand parts, the manufacturer can’t guarantee their performance and won’t take on the responsibility of fixing any damage.

3. Not Installing the Unit Properly

Always make sure to hire licensed and insured HVAC technicians to install your unit. If it’s not installed properly, it may not function correctly and may be at an increased risk of damage. This could definitely void your HVAC warranty.

4. Neglecting Annual Maintenance

Warranties frequently require some effort on your part to keep the system operating properly. If you can’t prove that you’ve kept your unit maintained over the years, the manufacturer may decide you’re on your own.

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