Turn Furnace Off In The Summer
Turn Furnace Off In The Summer

Warmer weather is on its way – finally! – and soon you won’t be needing to heat your home for a while. As a result, you might wonder whether you should turn off your natural gas furnace during the summer.

There are definite advantages to shutting off your furnace for the coming season, but it’s essential to know what you are doing. Read this guide to find out the facts.

Should I Turn Off My Pilot Light In The Summer?

If you have an older furnace, turning off your pilot light can be an excellent idea. A continuously burning furnace pilot light will generate heat and moisture throughout the summer months – in a small amount to be sure, but still undesirable once the weather heats up. You’ll also protect your home against someone accidentally turning on the heat on a blazing hot summer day.

Besides, an operational pilot light burns gas, whether the furnace itself is set to “Heat” or not. Although natural gas is an economical means of heating your home, it does cost money. If you shut off your furnace pilot light in the summer, you will both save cash and reduce your carbon footprint.

How To Turn Off Your Furnace?

Wait to turn off the furnace until spring has truly sprung, with consistently warm weather. In the Greater Toronto area, the temperature can still be quite chilly – especially at night — until well into the month of May.

When you are ready to turn off your furnace, here’s the correct procedure:

  1.     Turn off the pilot light by switching the knob to the “off” position.
  2.     Shut off the main gas supply to your furnace.
  3.     If your hot water heater and stove are also natural gas powered, make sure that you don’t switch off the gas supply to the whole house. You don’t really want to be taking cold showers and eating cold food all summer long, do you?
  4.     Consider setting an appointment now for next fall’s furnace maintenance and tune-up, including inspection of your pilot light. Though it may seem counterintuitive to be thinking about the autumn months already, you’ll be sure that when next winter rolls around, your furnace will be in great shape … and you won’t be scrambling around to find an available furnace technician.
  5.     Don’t forget to change your furnace air filter, so you’ll be leaving your system clean and ready when you need it.

Should Modern Furnaces Be Turned Off?

Most modern mid to high efficiency gas furnaces no longer have a pilot light. It’s been replaced by an electronic ignition. As a result, the furnace will not need to continuously burn gas in order to keep a pilot light going, making it unnecessary to turn off your furnace for the summer. However, you’ll still need to change the furnace filter regularly and have the furnace professionally serviced once a year.

Do Your Furnace And Air Conditioner Work Together?

If you own a forced air furnace that works together with your central air conditioning system, then the story is different. In this type of situation, the furnace may control the A/C fan function. In other words, your air conditioning will only properly circulate cool air throughout your home when the furnace is left on all summer.

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