The ductless mini split heat pump can be a good solution when it comes to a room that is too hard to cool. When you have a heating or cooling system that is distributed through ducts but you don’t want to extend the ducts, or when you have a type of ductless heating or cooling such as radiant heat, ductless mini-splits are the versatile choice to heat or cool that space that the heating or cooling just isn’t reaching.

Ductless mini splits consist of the indoor air-handling unit and the outdoor compressor unit. The hookup for a ductless mini split requires only a three-inch hole for the conduit, which is the piece that links the indoor and outdoor units. Most manufacturers make conduits long enough to use it to cool rooms in the front of the house and place the compressor in a more inconspicuous place outside.

A few of the advantages of mini splits are their size, flexibility and energy savings. Their compact size makes them easy to include where there is limited space, while you can condition up to four rooms (with some models) by connecting air handlers in each of the rooms to the outside unit. On top of that, each zone has it’s own thermostat so that you can condition only the occupied spaces for those energy savings. Another way they provide energy savings is they don’t contain ducts, so any energy that would normally be lost through a central forced air system simply doesn’t happen.

Two additional advantages are safety and design flexibility. Ductless mini splits only require a small hole in the wall, so there’s less access for intruders, whether they’re humans or animals. They can also be mounted in the wall, suspended from the ceiling or placed on the floor.

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