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17 Mar 2016

Right Size Air Conditioner

Choosing the right size of air conditioner is crucial for your ideal home comfort as well as energy conservation.

16 Mar 2016

Husky Wins Top Choice Award for 3rd Year in a Row

We’d like to say a very heartfelt thank you to our customers in Vaughan for voting us Top Air Conditioning and Heating Company of 2016 in Vaughan.  You guys are awesome!


Of course we also need to thank each and every member of the Husky team. We have some of the hardest working technicians in the business, who never hesitate to go the extra mile to make sure the people we need have a home that’s comfortable.


14 Mar 2016

Four Secrets to Natural Allergy Relief

Spring can be a hard time of the year to endure if you have allergies. Alleviating them is actually easier than you think, and you don't have to ingest a lot of drugs to do it. The real secret is to improve your indoor environment. Here's how.

28 Dec 2015

Two Perfect HVAC Products to Give Your Loved Ones

Why not give a gift of comfort for your loved ones this year? If you’re looking for a perfect New Year’s gift that can guarantee year-round comfort and wellbeing for your family, you might want to think about HVAC products. Although it might not seem glamorous at first glance – these products are specifically designed to give people the ultimate in luxury comfort and ideal indoor air. Doesn’t that sound like the perfect thing to give your family? We’ve picked two products that are sure to provide the best indoor comfort and serve you for years to come!

17 Dec 2015

The Gift of HVAC Rebates in Ontario

Get started today and you could save up to $325 a year in energy costs when you upgrade to ENERGY STAR certified heating and cooling systems.

Your heating and cooling system will stay efficient and last a long time with the proper care. Without regular maintenance, it could start to let you down.
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