Many of us search to find any way to escape all the snow and cold weather during these winter months. One way many flee winter is by going on vacation. Although it’s a blissful time, many enter bliss before leaving for vacation, forgetting about home security. 

Don’t forget to prepare your house for your winter vacation! We should be aware of the dangers and precautions one must take to secure their home before leaving it empty for an extended period of time. The problem is many either forget or are unsure what to do.

Prepare a checklist you can refer to every time you go on vacation. You can add or remove tasks from the list if things change in your living situation. For peace of mind, consider these simple suggestions to prepare your house for vacation in winter.

Should You Leave The Heat On In An Empty House During The Winter?

Leaving your heating on during your vacation is the best way to keep your home safe. Although many think turning off your heat will save money on your energy bill, you could be paying well above that in property damage.

Mainly, you’re protecting your pipes from freezing and bursting. Without any way of heating your pipes, they’re vulnerable to frozen and even broken pipes, especially during sub-zero temperatures. Leaving your heating on ensures your pipes are kept warm.

Now, the next question is – what temperature should you set your thermostat before leaving on vacation?

What Should You Leave Your Thermostat On When On Vacation?

It’s hard enough to determine what temperature you should set your thermostat during the winter. Now you need to figure out what the ideal thermostat temperature is while you’re on vacation.

According to Direct Energy, the recommended heating temperature you should set your thermostat when your home is empty is 16° C (unless pets left at home or you have a house sitter). This set temperature will still keep your essential utilities warm without overworking your furnace or heating systems.

Is It Necessary To Turn Off Your Water Heater When On A Long Vacation?

According to BC Hydro, gas-powered and electrical water heaters should be set on the vacation setting or at the lowest temperature setting. Doing so is in case the temperature drops well below zero while you’re on vacation.

What happens if you turn off your water heater during your winter vacation? Without warm water in your pipes, they can potentially freeze and eventually burst, resulting in water damage to your home.

The City of Toronto recommends closing the main water valve to your internal plumbing. Doing so will open a cold water tap in the basement to drain any remaining water from your pipes, preventing any freezing.

What Other Practical Steps Can I Take Before Going On Vacation?

Heating & Air Quality Maintenance

Let your vacation be a reminder to get an annual heating check-up for your major appliances. Being proactive and maintaining your heating will take care of any problems before you leave home for vacation. 

By not maintaining your heating systems, your home can be vulnerable to carbon monoxide and fire hazards. Over months of dirt and debris, build-up can block various outlets your furnace needs to function like your air filter or ignitor.

With low humidity being bad for your home, you’re also making your home potentially infectious. Low humidity leaves you susceptible to respiratory issues, dry and itchy skin as well as increased chances of catching a virus. Find out whether you need an air purifier or humidifier to maintain the proper air quality in your Toronto home.

Unplug Appliances

You want to protect yourself from any significant home disasters while away, and fire is at the top of the list. Be sure to unplug your toasters, components to your entertainment systems, computers, and any other small appliances you may have plugged in every day. Unplugging your devices will also save the energy that’s wasted through power losses.

Be “Vacation Ready” With Husky

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