How Long Does Water Heater Last

You might not realize how much you depend on your water heater (and the supply of nice, hot water it produces) until the day it starts to go bad. And when a water heater fails, you’ve got problems. Two problems, in fact.

First, you’re left without hot water for showers, baths, laundry, and other essential household hygiene. Second, in the case of a tank-type water heater, you might find yourself facing a serious leakage problem, which can cause severe water damage to your home.

Fortunately, water heaters tend to have fairly predictable lifespans. So, find out the age of your appliance, and you’ll have a good idea of how long it should last.

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How Long Should A Water Heater Last?

Hot Water Tank Life Expectancy

A conventional hot water tank has a hard job. It has to heat up the incoming cold water and then keep it hot until needed. Hot water tanks tend to last 8-12 years if they have been correctly installed and well maintained. (Not sure of your tank’s age? Take a look at the serial number on the sticker affixed to your tank.)

Tankless Water Heater Life Expectancy

A tankless water heater is more energy-efficient since it heats water only on demand. Besides saving power, this is also easier on the water heater itself. As a result, your tankless water heater could last for as long as twenty years.

How to Know When to Replace Your Water Heater

Avoid the hassle and expense of the unit suddenly failing. Instead, learn the five warning signs that indicate you’ll soon need water heater replacement. These include:

1. Aging Water Heater

As your water heater gets close to the ages described above, chances are you’ll notice it growing less efficient. You might find even yourself facing an estimate for expensive repairs. At this point, you might be better off spending money to  simply replace your water heater.

2. Water Coming Out Lukewarm

When your “hot” water starts flowing out of the tap lukewarm or even cold, something’s wrong. Sometimes hot water tank repair (such as installing of a new dip tube) can clear up the issue. If the cooler water is due to heavy sediment buildup or heating element malfunction, though, this may be a sign to replace your water heater.

3. Odd Noises From Hot Water Tank

Hard water will cause mineral sediment to build up in your hot water tank over time. This buildup can result in unusual noises such as cracking or banging. Flushing the tank is a possible solution. If the sediment has been left neglected too long, chances are you probably need a new water heater.

(Note. Tankless water heaters should also be flushed to remove mineral deposits, at least once a year.)

4. Brown or Discoloured Hot Water

An ageing hot water tank often begins gradually rusting inside. Your first clue could be rusty brown or otherwise discoloured water coming ONLY from the hot water tap. (Discoloured water from both hot and cold faucets could signal a problem with your water supply.) Sorry to break it to you, but that rust means that very soon you will need to buy or rent a new water heater.

5. Signs of Leakage

Water on the floor around your heater is a red flag for leakage. But you may actually hear an internal water heater leak before you see it. Listen for the sound of dripping or rushing water inside the tank.

Contact a qualified technician to assess the situation. Will you need to replace your water heater? That depends on where it’s leaking from. From the top is good news — probably all you’ll need is a moderately priced repair. From the bottom is bad news — your water heater is nearing end-of-life).

If You Suspect a Problem

When a problem arises, protect your water heater from possible further damage. Turn off the cold-water shutoff valve and shut down the power while you’re waiting for professional help.

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