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We’ve all been there. In the freezing cold basement, or the overly hot spare bedroom. You’ve checked the vents to make sure they aren’t blocked, you’ve gotten your furnace checked for problems, and you’ve made sure there are no problems with any of your home’s insulation. No matter what you do, it seems impossible to get each room in your home the temperature you want.

Uneven heating is an annoying, and sometimes costly, problem. And the worst part is you have trouble getting comfortable in your own home.

Luckily, there is a solution!

Fix Your Uneven Heating Using a Zoning System

A zoning system is the perfect option for homeowners looking to not only increase their comfort level, but increase their energy efficiency. Zoning systems allow you to set different temperatures throughout your home, and have more control over the heat you pay so much to have.

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How Do Zoning Systems Work?

Instead of having one thermostat control your entire heating and cooling system, your house is divided into zones. The number of zones depends on how big your home is, or how many floors you have.

Let’s say your home is divided into 3 zones. That means you’ll have 3 thermostats installed, one for each zone. These thermostats control dampers that are installed in your ductwork. The dampers open and close depending on the thermostat setting, letting in as much or as little heat as you want.

Instead of having your whole house set to one temperature, you can now have 3 different temperatures with 3 different pre-programmed heating and cooling schedules. So if you have a bedroom that requires a little more heat to be comfortable, or a room that is never used, you only have to adjust one zone.

The Benefits of Zoning Systems

Zoning systems aren’t just great for fixing your uneven heating problems. They also are fantastic for increasing your energy efficiency.

When you only have one thermostat, you waste a lot of energy, and A LOT of money heating or cooling rooms you aren’t using, or rooms that are already too hot or too cold.

In a study by Natural Resources Canada, 95% of homeowners found zoning systems to be extremely effective when fixing these issues. Multiple zones means better control and more energy savings, which translates to savings on your bills. One study showed that with proper programming, you could save as much as 25% on heating and cooling costs.

Remember: Zoning systems will only save you energy costs when you properly use them. Program your individual thermostats depending on your family’s schedule to see the best results.

When are Zoning Systems a Good Investment?

Zoning systems are a great investment for homeowners who have the following features or problems.

Multi-level Homes

Multi-level homes are notoriously hard to heat, let alone keep the temperature consistent in every room. Rooms that are higher up tend to be warmer because heat rises, and rooms with southern exposure are naturally warmer than those with northern or eastern exposure.

Zoning systems allow you to fix uneven heating by putting each level on their own thermostat. No longer will you have to crack a window to cool down a bedroom just to keep the living room two floors down comfortable. Instead, you’ll simply have to press a button.

Unique Architectural Design

Homes with unique architectural features like vaulted ceilings or wall-to-wall windows present issues for a single-control heating and cooling system.

Face those structural obstacles with zoning systems to increase your control over where the heat goes. Direct heat away from the wall-to-wall window room, and towards the vaulted ceiling room instead of wasting money trying to make both rooms comfortable with one thermostat.

A Lot of People with a Lot of Preferences

A large family is never going to agree on an ideal temperature. Someone is always going to think it’s too hot, and someone else is always going to think it’s way too cold.

Avoid squabbles over the thermostat setting by giving everyone their own. You can install dampers for bedrooms that allow each individual to pick how hot or cool they want their room.

Can I Install Zones in My Existing Heating and Cooling System?

Of course! Zoning systems won’t require any alterations to your furnace and air conditioner. It involves installing dampers in the ducts, thermostats, and a central zone control panel so that all your different zones can communicate with each other.

All you have to do to begin down the path to maximum comfort and savings is talk to us! We’ll organize a consultation and quote to give you the best possible set up.

We’ll Fix Your Uneven Heating Problem, and More

Zoning systems are the solution to your uneven heating problem, and we’ll be able to install it. We also do so much more. Whether you need duct cleaning before the installation, or just want to make sure your furnace is on the up and up, we’ll take care of it.

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