Repair or Replace Furnace in Vaughn

To repair or replace your furnace … that is the question. And it’s a question that most homeowners only start wondering about when they’re facing a costly furnace repair, such as replacing a blower motor.

There is no easy answer; the decision will vary with each individual situation. However, the following factors will help you make the right decision for your home.

Cost to Repair vs Replace

When your furnace is still under warranty, it’s a no-brainer. Get it fixed. (Not sure if your warranty is still valid? Ask your home’s builder or the previous owner. It is also possible to check with the furnace manufacturer.)

If the warranty has expired, look at your quote for furnace repair. Is it close to $1,000? That’s pretty steep, especially if this repair is likely to be followed by more in the near future. Consider checking out new furnace prices so you have an accurate basis for comparison.

Age of Your Furnace

Take into account the age of your furnace in relation to the cost of repair. During long cold winters in the GTA, furnaces work hard and typically last about 15 years – more if you schedule regular furnace maintenance. However, if your heating system is 10 years old and you’ve just received a hefty quote for repair, replacement might make more sense.

For help figuring out the best action, just look up the age of your furnace vs the cost to repair on the handy chart below.


Your Finances

Your budget is a significant factor, of course. If you can’t afford the cost to replace your furnace right now, you may plan to have it repaired instead.

However, take the time to discuss your options with us here at Husky. We offer fast, affordable financing and we’ll do our best to help you out with any special offers, grants, and rebates that may be currently available, as well.

Energy Efficiency

The new technologies of the past decade and a half have greatly improved furnace efficiency. An energy-efficient furnace, such as one certified by Energy Star ™, is likely to result in substantial savings on your gas bills, as well as a reduction of your carbon footprint.

To calculate how much you could save, subtract the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) of your existing furnace from that of newer models. ( For instance, 95% AFUE – 80% AFUE = 15% lower energy costs.)

IMPORTANT: AFUE ratings measure the potential efficiency of heating systems. Lack of regular maintenance and tuneup may reduce your furnace’s actual performance.

Safety Concerns

Some furnace issues are serious safety hazards. A cracked heat exchanger, for example, will allow carbon monoxide (CO), a byproduct of fuel combustion, into your home. This colourless, odourless gas is extremely dangerous, killing quickly and quietly. (To protect yourself and your family, please install a carbon monoxide alarm within 5 metres of every bedroom, as required by Ontario law.)

Replacing a heat exchanger is cost-prohibitive. In this case, it actually makes better financial sense to purchase a new furnace.

Uneven Heating

Does your home have chilly rooms or entire floors that just never seem to warm up, no matter what the thermostat setting may be? The cause behind this unpleasant problem could be an older or incorrectly sized furnace. Furnace replacement will allow you to eliminate that uneven heating and take control of your home comfort.

And if various household members have different temperature preferences, use this opportunity to install a new zone-based heating system.

Noise Level

You may find your furnace is uncomfortably loud. (Use a smartphone app to find out exactly how many decibels it is producing.) This problem is often true of cheap heating systems or older furnaces with components that are slowly, noisily wearing out. If the sound really bothers you, compare the volume of your furnace to the specs for new furnace models. Today’s high-efficiency units offer the quiet and comfort you are looking for.

Air Quality

Indoor air quality has a powerful effect on wellbeing, especially in winter when we spend so much time inside. A  less-than-optimal furnace in a well-sealed house can lead to air that is overly dry, stuffy, and full of contaminants. Furnace replacement provides a golden opportunity to install air quality improvement equipment, which will humidify, filter, and ventilate your indoor air.

Choose Wisely – Husky Can Help

Now you’re armed with the facts. Take a moment to weigh the costs and benefits of furnace repair vs replacement. Then, turn to Husky for HVAC advice and service you can count on.

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