Residential and Commercial Heating and Cooling Systems

We install residential and commercial heating and cooling systems for properties across throughout the greater Toronto area. Our heating and air conditioning systems offer home owners the highest quality in air temperature control. Central air is the most efficient way to heat or cool your home, often allowing you to achieve your ideal temperature within 30 minutes or less. Our experienced team of industry experts offer a non-invasive installation process that you can count on.

Standard, Medium, and High Capacity Air Filtration Systems

You’re exposed to over a million pollutants and allergens when you’re outside and on the go, but it doesn’t have to be that way at home. Filtration systems benefit the health of just about anyone, but are particularly important for those who suffer from allergies, or respiratory trouble. Pet owners often opt for air filtration system installations as well to keep dander at bay and indoor air crisp and clean.

It’s a fact that since the 70’s home developers have made a point of building homes with an increasing focus on making them air-tight in order to prevent rising energy consumption costs. In achieving this goal, they have also made many homes retain high levels of air pollution due to a significant lack of air flow, or filtration. Sometimes, indoor home air pollution levels reach thresholds that would be considered illegal outdoors! This can play a role in anyone’s respiratory health, but is particularly dangerous for those who already have diagnosed issues like asthma or similar afflictions.

Gas/ Heating and Cooling Systems

Natural Gas heating and cooling systems are the most popular home air temperature control systems in homes across the GTA and throughout Canada. The reason for this is the level of convenience and reliability that natural gas offers. Unlike with electricity, natural gas is delivered through pipes and pumps underground. That means, no matter how ferocious an ice storm, or how hot a heat wave gets, you have a steady supply of fuel to acclimatise your home to your preferred comfort level.

Gas heating and cooling systems are available in many different sizes, makes and models to accommodate the particular requirements of any home, so if you do decided to install one of these systems, they will offer efficiency. Also, gas systems stay clean when they operate. The only by-products they produce are water vapour and carbon dioxide, which is cleaner than other options like oil heat, or fireplaces that produce higher levels of dust from soot and ash.

Indoor Humidifier and Quality Systems

In Canadian climates, during the winter months people are confined to the indoors for long periods of time. Due to artificial heating, they are exposed to very dry air which wouldn’t naturally occur outdoors. Humidifiers help to keep the moisture levels in the air at a more comfortable level and are ideal for your respiratory health. Whole-house humidifiers function in much the same way as smaller individual units by adding moisture to the air, making it easier to breathe. The major benefits to getting a whole-house humidifier are efficiency, convenience and quality. Unlike with the smaller systems you won’t fuss with adding or dumping water into or out of the system. It’s all taken care of for you and will humidify your entire home with ease.

Forced Hot/Cool Air Systems

Forced heating and cooling systems are commonly used in homes to distribute the conditioned air throughout the house. They offer a series of ducts and vent that home owners can open or closed to control temperatures in different rooms, if for example, they wanted one room to be slightly warmer or cooler than another. This type of heating system is much safer than other methods of heating such as portable electric heaters as there is no risk of fire due to negligence. Opening or closing a vent is a much more efficient way to control temperature distribution than the use of a space heater, especially in carpeted areas that contain an element of risk for that style of indoor heating. Forced air systems allow you to control the temperature in your home with the turn of a dial or a touch of a button. They are perfect for families looking for a low maintenance solution to air temperature control. Simply clean the vents every now and then and you can enjoy comfortable air.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are perfect for adding to your existing heating or air conditioning source by placing a single unit in your main living area. They are used in residences with electric heat to supplement baseboard heaters, wood stoves or space heaters. They also work well to add heating or cooling capabilities when remodelling a home or creating additions that are outside of the scope of your existing system. Ductless systems offer efficient heating and air conditioning at a lower operational cost than other common options like electric resistance heaters or similar.