Product Features

Energy Efficiency

  • 45,000 to 75,000 Btuh capacity for almost any size garage or utility area
  • Uses natural or propane gas***
  • Up to 80% thermal efficiency
  • Direct spark ignition improves unit operation and efficiency

Home Comfort

  • Separated combustion heating* for hard-to-heat applications where excessive dust, dirt, humidity or negative pressure is a concern
  • Keeps your garage or workshop comfortable—regardless of outside weather conditions
  • Provides warmth for a 1 car up to a 4+ car garage application**
  • Protects your vehicles from engine wear; improves vehicle life, fuel economy and reliability
  • Provides warmth for pets and plants kept in the garage

Reliable Performance

  • Uniform heat distribution with a tubular heat exchanger and other advanced components

*Contact your Lennox dealer for information on the T-Class™ (TUA) separated combustion heater.
**Sizing application is provided as an example only. Consult your local Lennox dealer for actual requirements.
***Optional conversion kit available for propane applications.

Product Details

Product Details