At Husky Heating and Air Conditioning, we’re always on the lookout for energy efficient systems that will save you money.

Here are the rebates we’re participating in right now:

Ready, Set, Save: Up to $1,250 on Lennox Furnaces and ACs

Only Until February 8, 2019

You can save up to $1,250 on a new Lennox furnace and air conditioner – AND don’t pay until Spring when you finance!

Right now is a great time to get a brand new high-efficiency Lennox furnace and air conditioner. Most of these systems are Energy-Star rated: you’ll get better results and lower monthly energy bills. Now that winter’s here, it’s the perfect time to start saving.

There are so many qualifying models to choose from, including

  • Save up to $1,250: High-efficiency systems that include a furnace, an air conditioner (including ductless options), and a thermostat.
  • Save up to $150: iComfort S30 thermostat.
  • Save up to $150: iHarmony zoning system.
  • Save up to $150: PureAirS air purifier.

There are more smaller rebates available for individual furnaces, air conditioners, and additional equipment.

Need Financing? No Problem!

If you need help getting the system you need, we can provide financing with great terms. PLUS, choose between a 3-month deferral and a 6-month deferral.

We’ll Help You Find the Right System

We’ll perform an in-depth evaluation of your home size and your needs. We’ll then help you pick out a qualifying system that will work best for you.
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Please note: Installation must be done by February 15, 2019. You have until March 1, 2019 to submit your claim. Not to worry – we’ll help with all the paperwork.

Lennox promotion Winter 2018

Save Up to $850 On Energy Efficient Air Conditioners and Furnaces

The Government of Ontario wants to help you save when you upgrade to energy efficient heating and cooling equipment for your home or small business.

  • Save $650 on a new EnergyStar certified air conditioner. Use up to 20% less energy!
  • Save $250 on a new high-efficiency furnace. Reduce your heating costs by up to 25% per year!
  • Save up to $4,000 on a high-efficiency heat pump. You’ll also save up to 50% on heating costs!

Only equipment that will help you save on energy qualifies:

  • Air conditioners must be EnergyStar qualified and have 18 SEER or better and be installed with a qualifying indoor air coil.
  • Furnaces must be equipped with an ECM (electrically commutated motor).
  • Heat pumps must be air source and used as the primary heating source. They must be EnergyStar rated or CEE Tier 1 rated. They must have a minimum SEER of 15/HSP 8.5/EER 12.5 rating.

Ask your friendly Husky representative for all the details.

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$1,600 in Rebates PLUS Monthly Energy Savings

Ready to start saving on home heating and cooling costs? Enbridge is offering up to $1,600 to help you upgrade your furnace, water heater, air conditioner, and much more.

Here’s how it works:

  • Get a home energy audit from a qualified auditor. Husky can help you find one.
  • Decide what home improvements you want to make.
  • Have the installation work done.
  • Complete the final audit to prove you’re saving 15% or more in energy.

There are lots of options, including insulation, door and window upgrade rebates. You can also get $1,000 – $4,000 back for ducted and ductless air source heat pumps, which are a great alternative to air conditioners AND furnaces.

There are minimum requirements for efficiency on these upgrades, so ask your friendly Husky representative for more details.
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We Can Help You Take Advantage of Rebate Money

Contact Husky at any time to have one of our qualified Home specialists:

  • Evaluate your property
  • Discuss your specific needs
  • Work with you to determine the best solution for your home
  • Determine whether you need an energy audit
  • Help you with manufacturer rebates and government grants
  • Book an early installation

Husky can determine if you will benefit from an energy audit of your home and which Ontario energy rebates and government grants you will qualify for – even before we install any new HVAC equipment. We’ll also help you find a qualified energy auditor who will take you through the rebate application process and help you with any paperwork.

If you are interested in any of the products and services we offer, please continue to check this section regularly for our latest offers and discounts.

Want even more savings? Invest in a furnace tune up, and you’ll save big on repairs!