Although we specialize in residential HVAC installation and repair, Husky Heating and Air Conditioning has been extremely active in the commercial HVAC space as well and for many years. We’re experienced in installing, servicing and repairing commercial HVAC units and systems. Whether you find yourself needing basic, routine maintenance or a complete commercial system overhaul, Husky Heating and Air Conditioning has the skilled technicians and the affordable pricing to help you.

The HVAC needs in a commercial building are very different than in a residential home. Commercial buildings are significantly larger in size, so the HVAC system must be more powerful and reliable while still running efficiently. There is much more demand on the system regardless of whether a commercial property houses one or multiple businesses under its roof. One of the benefits of the rooftop unit in a large commercial building is the sectional nature of the system. This sectional design allows you to allocate specific units to certain building occupants. As a building’s occupancy growth it becomes easier to add units and assign them to new businesses.

One of the most noteworthy features of a rooftop system is that it centralizes all related components. This is unlike a central unit that is split-component with equipment located on both the interior and exterior of the property.  Since a rooftop unit keeps all moving parts in one location, it’s much quicker and cheaper for a technician to troubleshoot any issues.

Another advantage of a rooftop unit is its ease of use and its significantly lower installation and maintenance costs.  However, because of a rooftop unit’s outdoor exposure, they are more susceptible to damage from weather and other elements. Thus, they require regular preventative maintenance, which is critical to maintaining performance and durability. Without proper maintenance a rooftop unit can lose its ability to supply healthy indoor air.

Rooftop units are the efficient and reliable answer to commercial HVAC systems. They are an effective system for cooling very large spaces while saving energy costs for the customers.  If you are interested in learning more about rooftop unit installation, maintenance or repair, or need help with your existing unit, contact us at Husky Heating and Air Conditioning.

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