It’s been a long and cold winter, and finally the temperatures have slowly started climbing upward, and it’s time to soon be going over our spring maintenance routine. As the weather starts warming up, we’ll need to check our homes from top to bottom for winter damage and plan for any necessary upkeeps.

Every dollar you spend on home repairs now will pay you back by shielding it from future damage and needless maintenance. Here’s what needs to be on your spring maintenance to-do list:

  • Roof: Look for loose or missing shingles displaced by snow or ice. These loose shingles can collect water and cause roof damage. Also, make sure to check for damage caused by ice dams, where snow may have melted and refrozen around the edges of your roof. Remember to hire a professional if you’re not qualified to make roof repairs.
  • Rain gutters: Rain gutters add value to your home, but they should be unrestricted by debris. Check yours for damage or debris, and while you’re at it, inspect your home’s exterior for water stains or holes in the wood siding. Damaged rain gutters can channel melting snow or spring rains onto your home’s exterior, causing damage.
  • Outside the home: Walk around your yard and look for fallen limbs, dead trees or limbs poised perilously close to utility wires.
  • HVAC unit: Check your home’s outdoor compressor/condenser unit, making sure all debris, weeds and limbs are cleared within a meter around it. Then, check inside the metal casing for dead leaves and other debris and clear any away. For the best results, have your fins straightened and your condenser coil cleaned when you schedule your spring HVAC system maintenance.
  • Foundation: Inspect your home’s foundation for any cracks. Hire a foundation specialist to fix them with epoxy injections.
  • Windows and doors: Check for any cracks and gaps, and repair air leaks with caulk.

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