02 Dec 2015

Husky Nominated for 2016 Top Choice Awards


Thank you for nominating us, Vaughan. Now the race in on to get the most votes. If you’re one of our customers, please read on to find out how you can vote for us.

If we win this year, it will mean a three-year sweep. Wish us luck!


18 Nov 2015

Check Your Carbon Monoxide Detector This Fall

Make sure you have your carbon monoxide detector checked to ensure its proper functioning when your HVAC system is being serviced this year. A properly working carbon monoxide detector can, quite literally, save your life.

16 Oct 2015

Achieve the Best Indoor Air Quality this Fall

Many factors are dependent on the air quality of your home – your health, the level of efficiency in your home and your overall comfort. With the cold months quickly approaching, you need to start worrying about the indoor air pollutants, particularly if your home is firmly sealed for efficiency. 

30 Sep 2015

Three Common Thermostat Problems Solved

If the HVAC system in your home or office is not behaving properly consider checking the thermostat before calling an HVAC technician. Some thermostat problems, like the ones below, are relatively easy to fix yourself, saving you the cost of a service visit. The common thermostat issues that can be resolved by the owner are:


29 Jul 2015

All You Needed to Know About Zoning Systems

A zoning system provides a solution for homeowners looking to improve interior comfort and energy efficiency. Instead of having one central thermostat that controls the HVAC system, zoning systems are divided areas, or “zones,” based on a home’s square footage and layout.