19 Mar 2014

Toronto Launches a New Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

The City of Toronto recently started a $20-million, three-year pilot water and energy efficiency program. Low interest loans are being offered to homeowners who qualify through the single-family residential Home Energy Loan Program (HELP).

18 Mar 2014

The Water Heater Conundrum – What Kind Should You Get?

When choosing a water heater for your home, you might be puzzled by a variety of alternatives – Gas vs Electric, Tankless vs Storage Tank. This guide should make it easier to make up your mind.

Keep in mind that a water heater will probably be the third largest energy consumer in your home – so pick a system that will meet your water heating needs while still conserving energy.

13 Feb 2014

WiFi Thermostat – Contemporary Hi Tech Control of Your Home Comfort

Thermostats have seen huge advances in technology, arguably more than any other aspect of your home-comfort systems, and not just with the ability to program temperature changes to fit your schedule. WiFi thermostats are your way to take your energy efficiency, comfort and convenience to the next level.

03 Feb 2014

Help the Environment and Save on Energy Bills? It’s Possible!

Given the bone-chilling cold of the winter in GTA this year, putting energy-saving practices into play to offset high heating bills will not only save you money, but will also help the environment. It’s likely that your heating system uses the majority of energy your home requires during the long winter, and these tips can help you cut consumption. Some of them also will provide energy savings during the summer months.

31 Jul 2013

Keep Your Home Safe While On Vacation

Many of us make serious preparations planning a vacation with lists of places to visit, people to see, things to do but neglect to think about what should be done at their residence for safety and protection of their property.