14 Aug 2014

Want a Smooth Running system? Ask an Expert!

An HVAC system is a significant investment for any homeowner to make.  In order to enjoy longer HVAC system life and greater comfort let a certified professional help you.

24 Jun 2014

Lennox Energy Savings Calculator

Route to big savings is paved with efficient thinking

Cooling and heating equipment can be responsible for more than half of your home’s total utility bill. Make sure you think about a high-efficiency HVAC system when looking for ways to reduce your energy costs. High-efficiency systems are easily distinguished by the EnergyGuide label found on the equipment.

Use this tool to see how much you can save by ramping up your energy efficiency.

29 May 2014

HVAC Friendly Landscaping

Although your new HVAC equipment is a technological work of art, it’s probably far from being a backyard centerpiece. HVAC manufacturers largely design their equipment for functionality first, with aesthetics somewhere further down the list.

So we tend to try and improve that unsightly appearance by creative landscaping around the HVAC unit, camouflaging or hiding it from sight with shrubbs, trees, or hedges. These are not bad ideas and can actually help the functionality of the system. But there are some guidelines for doing this type of landscaping properly, or you might find that your plants are actually making your unit less efficient.

07 May 2014

Change to the OPA SaveONenergy Program

This year the Ontario Power Authority has introduced some much anticipated changes to its saveONenergy Program – on top of rewarding customers who upgrade their old HVAC equipment to a new energy efficient equipment, OPA is also rewarding new home owners, who want to install a new energy efficient AC or furnace in their newly purchased homes.